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David Viniker was born and spent his formative years in Luton, Bedforshire. His parents, Bernard and Fay, were originally from London and the family moved back to the capital in 1960.

Simone and David married in 1975. They have two children, Barry and Sheryl.
Sheryl married Perry in 2008 and their daughter Hope was born in 2012.

Education and Medical Profession

David attended Stopsley Junior School and went on to Luton Grammar School. Following the move to London, he transferred to Hackney Downs School. (David runs the Clove Club website for those who attended the school). His life-long ambition had been to become a doctor.

David qualified from University College Hospital, London. He has held postgraduate training posts at The Royal Postgraduate Teaching Hospital, Hammersmith, The Royal London Hospital, University College Hospital, and The Leicester Royal Infirmary. He became Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Whipps Cross with special interests in reproductive endocrinology and infertility and Honorary Senior Lecturer in the University of London. He retired from medicine in 2012.

His early research interests focused on perinatal cerebral function monitoring, and this culminated in an MD from the University of London and the prestigious Blair-Bell Memorial Lecture at The Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists.

David introduced the hypothesis that sub-clinical bacteria could provide a plausible explanation for several obstetric and gynaecological enigmas including unexplained infertility, recurrent miscarriage, dysfunctional uterine bleeding and blood pressure problems (preeclampsia) associated with pregnancy.  Others have more recently come to a similar conclusion with regards to preeclampsia. There may be a relationship between miscarriage and subsequent obstetric complications.

His publications include “Frequently Asked Questions On Women’s Health” and “Practical Guide to Reproductive Medicine” which he co-edited.
Although primarily a clinical obstetrician and gynaecologist, he enjoyed undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and research.

Computing and Websites

In 1983, on submitting his MD, David took on an interest in computing and in particular its applications for medical student- and patient education. He was part of the team at Leicester considering modules for the maternity unit. At Whipps Cross, he was the lead consultant for the team introducing the Patient Administration System and the Consultant representative for the team introducing the module for the theatre. As a result of his expertise, he represented the consultants in Essex and some parts of London for the introduction of a maternity module.

There was documented evidence from the 1960s that patients’ recall of information given to them at consultation was poor. He set about producing a series of explanatory leaflets that were regularly updated and also used by his consultant colleagues.

In 1999, he set about creating a website based on his leaflets – The website became a leading source of online information for patients, doctors and students with more than 2million visitors each year. He researched how webpages reach the top page of Google. It became apparent that the authority of the webpage and website were paramount. These authorities are best represented by PageRank explained in another of his websites. He has developed a keyword difficulty technique that freely available. An automated program using this technique, KeywordSEOPro,  is available on subscription.

On retirement from medicine, David has taken up Internet marketing. He is webmaster for Migraine-Dyslexia – Simone’s website explaining her special interest in the treatment of Migraine and Dyslexia with patient specific colour tinted lenses. Sheryl similarly has her own website for her profession as a counsellor. A supporting website on behaviour has also been developed.


David has developed several other websites. explains what is required to reach the top page of this search engine.
David and Simone enjoy Days Out Around London usually starting with a trip on the M25.. He may be offering SEO courses and he enjoys reviewing SEO software. There is information on webdesign. Internet and computers and a website of
general information on education
. There are websites on optics and the media, the history of London, people and nature and entertainment, theatre and films.

There are 70+ Youtube Videos on clinical and website related subjects on David’s Channel.


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